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Michael Miller is a gallerist and art dealer on the move, now taking further steps onto a world stage he's been traversing for years.


He is an entrepreneur, international traveler, an adventurer... and an artist too.  He loves 'found' objects and found art, knowing how to acquire both and build something completely new with them: so welcome to Michael Miller Galleries. Mr. Miller specializes in the acquisition and display of thought-provoking, emotionally intelligent and visually arresting modern artwork. Stunning, original oil-on-canvas pieces are his stock and trade. 


After years of preparation, he's twisting a fascination with unique paintings, heavy-gauge sculpture — and the wood beams of an old train trestle he somehow found — melding it together to create a magnificent space for appreciation of all kinds: at 'The Scaffold' private-viewing art installation in Crescent Beach, BC.

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