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Michael Miller Galleries is honoured and pleased to announce the acquisition of major works by renowned Cuban-American artist Milena Martinez Pedrosa, along with Mr. Miller's representation of the Artist in Canada.

Michael Miller will focus first on five original oil-on-canvas paintings from the Havana-born Pedrosa’s stunning ‘Handmade’ collection, which includes startling artistic, social and political statements supported in-background by the use of relevant (newspaper) collage materials. Furthermore, the actual hands drawn in ‘Handmade’ are simply some of the best representations of the form ever put to canvas.

The feature works in Mr. Miller's selection include powerful images entitled Firm Stand and Manipulation, to be roundly supported by The Last Cry, Breaking The Ice, and Now Talk...

The 'Pedrosa Handmades' will be on display at The Scaffold private-viewing art installation, presented by Michael Miller Galleries, beginning June 2017.

Milena Martinez Pedrosa

Artist's Statement 2016 (PDF)

'Handmade' Collection Description (PDF)

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