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Resting on property in Crescent Beach  — and featuring a natural, open 2-story presentation space — Michael Miller Galleries at The Scaffold has risen... out of old-growth British Columbian forest, and dedicated solely to the acquisition, collection, collation and display of fine, contemporary artworks.


Emerging from a years-long fascination with scaffold patterns and structures -- and from the 'found' raw material of a decades-old train trestle -- the private-viewing art installation features 20-foot high, lumbered ceilings, protecting a magnificent 2,500 sq. ft. space reinforced-throughout by massive wood beams and the creative use of giant steel girders. 


240 breathtaking, sphere-like glass lights form three 'floating' chandeliers to illuminate varied treasures housed within.


In 2018, an expansive rooftop garden / living-green roof will provide stunning views of local foliage, passing trains, and Pacific-coast sea; a wondrous outdoor space where guests can talk art... and maybe even create it on-site. Then don't forget to look down, and out over the heavy-gauge sculpture garden presented throughout the grounds.

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