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As he tours various galleries and studios around the world, Michael Miller leaves no stone unturned in his quest for the finest, most original artwork to be found.


After years of sourcing the most thought-provoking, emotionally intelligent and visually arresting modern artwork for his own collection, Mr. Miller knows 'it' almost as soon as he sees it. He only sources what he loves, and what he can stand behind in terms of intrinsic artistic value, and investment value. Acquisitions will continue to be made from these travels and tours, and in-consultation with select artists from across North America and around the globe.


In 2018, Michael Miller will embark on the first of several global tours, with a new kind of twist; as he appears in different Art capitals for one week at a time to source, combine/collate and display a wholly new form of artistic expression, derived from multiple pieces.


Watch our NEWS section for more on these very special tours and events in the coming months.

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